Motor Insurance

How To Find The Best Car Insurance Quote

There are many ways that you can make some great savings when it comes to getting your car insurance. Without a doubt the best way to save yourself money is to shop online, not only can this knock pounds off the premium you pay for your car insurance but it is also the quickest way and by far the easiest.

From the comfort of you own home you have access to a wide range of insurers and are able to get almost instant quotes for the type of insurance you require, along with making comparisons for the cheapest premium.

While shopping online is the best way to make savings there are also many other factors which you should take into account when looking for car insurance.

If you are thinking of buying a new car then bear in mind that the size of the engine and the model of the car plays a part in determining how much you are quoted for your insurance. The bigger the engine, the more powerful the car, then the higher the premium you are asked to pay. While a flashy low sports car might suit your image it will do nothing to help you make savings when getting it insured for the road.

Your age and sex also plays a part in determining the cost of your car insurance, younger drivers get hit heavily with insurance as they are deemed to be a bigger risk. However there are specialist sites that offer the younger driver cheaper premiums, particularly if they have taken advanced driving lessons.

There are now many sites online that cater especially for the women driver. Statistics have shown that women drivers are indeed safer than men. Women get into fewer accidents, or at the least seem to make fewer claims on their insurance and go for the less flashy model of car.

Making sure you have extra safety features on your car can also go a long way to saving you money on your premiums. Adding extra security such as immobilisers, alarms and having your windows etched with your registration can all help you to make savings on your car insurance.

One of the biggest ways to make savings when it comes to your car insurance is to have a clean driving record with an excellent no-claims bonus. However this only comes from years of experience on the road, you can boost this by taking advanced driving lessons and safety lessons in driving.

One thing to remember is to make sure you understand your policy and what is and is not covered in it. If you go for the cheapest third party, fire and theft cover then you will make savings but will only be insured for the very basics. Fully comprehensive will cover you for just about anything and will cost you more, however you can still save yourself money by getting quotes online from several different insurers.